After a weekend full of competition, it all comes down to six overall
Warrior Cup winners:

  • Junior Forms Overall Winner
  • Men’s Fighting Overall Winner
  • Adult Weapons Overall Winner
  • Adult Forms Overall Winner
  • Junior Weapons Overall Winner
  • Women’s Fighting Overall Winner



NEW! 7 Mini Cups for Under Belt Finals


For all first place Black Belt divisions.

$60,000 IN CASH & PRIZES

PRIZE MONEYGRANDS1st Runner Up2nd Runner Up3rd Runner Up
Forms Grand Champions
30+ Men’s Form Grand$300$100
30+ Women’s Form Grand$300$100
18+ Men’s Traditional Form Grand Champion$1,000$200
18+ Men CMX Form Grand Champion$1,000$200
18+ Women’s Overall Form Grand Champion$1,000$200
Weapons Grand Champions
30+ Men’s Weapons Grand$300$100
30+ Women’s Weapons Grand$300$100
18+ Men’s Overall Weapons Grand Champion$1,000$200$100
18+ Women’s Overall Weapons Grand Champion$1,000$200$100
Fighting Grand Champions
18+ Men’s Sparring (All 8 Divisions)$100/each$800 Total
18+ Men’s Overall Light Weight Grand Champion$1,000
18+ Men’s Overall Heavy Weight Grand Champion$1,000
18+ Women’s Sparring (All 4 Divisions)$100/each$400 Total
18+ Women’s Overall Grand Champion$1,000
30+ Men’s Sparring Grand$300$100
40+ Men’s Sparring Grand$300$100
30+ Women’s Sparring Grand$300$100


Other Cash Prizes1st Place
18+ Men’s Open Weight Grand Champion$1,500
3-Man Team Sparring$1,000
Team Demonstration$1,000
Team Synchronized$1,000
2-Woman Team Sparring$750
Junior Team Sparring - Girls$500
Junior Team Sparring - Boys$500
3-Man Senior Team Sparring (30+, 40+, 50+)$500
2- Woman Senior Team Sparring (30+, 40+)$300