Copyright & Royalty Free Music

As part of the new collaboration with MAT Action, Black Belt Magazine, and SportMartialArts -- ALL BLACK BELT COMPETITORS will be REQUIRED to use licensed music from Epidemic Sound for the Warrior Cup Finals!

2023 Competitor Music Requirements for the AKA Warrior Cup, Compete World Martial Arts Championships, Cowboy UP Martial Arts Championships, U.S. Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships, U.S. Capitol Classics/China Open Night Time Finals and Texas Revolution Night Show.

As part of the new collaboration with MAT Action, Black Belt Magazine, and SportMartialArts — ALL BLACK BELT COMPETITORS (for NASKA rated divisions only) and all Under Belt competitors that compete in an Under Belt Finals will be REQUIRED to use licensed music from Epidemic Sound. This requirement ensures that all competitors’ performances can be distributed and broadcasted utilizing various international, national, and local media services or streaming platforms.

All competitors who anticipate being in nighttime finals and plan to use music should take the following actions:

1. Go to and search for songs you would like to use.

2. Pick at least 3 songs you want to use for your performance. If you want different songs for each of your divisions, pick at least 3 songs for each division. Please order your songs by preference – the one you want the most should be #1, the second favorite #2, etc.

3. Email [email protected] with your song options. We will check to see which ones are available and reserve your song based on the order you placed them in. If your top pick is available, we will hold it for you.

4. We will send you a payment link to reserve your song along with options for professional editing. For a new song, the cost is $25 for the year for the song without any edits.

The cost to reserve a song (without any edits) for one year of use will be $25. This fee will allow you to use the music in the events listed above for the 2023 year and guarantee the track is reserved for only you and not any other competitors.

If you already had a song in 2022 and you want to renew that song for 2023, the cost to renew the song is $15. You must renew by January 15, 2023 or the song will be released so other competitors may use it in 2023.

The cost to reserve a song with edits is $85. Edits can include:

  • Shortening a track.
  • Extending the track to be longer.
  • Adding Epidemic Sound licensed sound effects.

We are not permitted to “mix” tracks, overlay multiple tracks, or use any sound effects outside of the Epidemic Sound library. You can purchase an additional song that can be added, but it cannot be overlayed or “mixed” in any way.

Our production team will control all music, and it will not be permitted for tracks to be provided to us on-site. Regardless of whether the track is selected with or without edits, all music selections will be directly provided to us to guarantee no unauthorized modifications have been made.

You can use whatever music you would like for daytime eliminations. It is only nighttime finals where copyright-free and royalty-free music from our licensed database is required.

As this collaboration progresses, we hope to make this process easier and more inclusive to who you can work with on your music.

Using royalty-free music is an essential step for driving the sport forward and giving our professional athletes the exposure they deserve.

For all music requests, please contact [email protected].