Copyright & Royalty Free Music

As part of the collaboration with MAT Action and SportMartialArts -- ALL BLACK BELT COMPETITORS will be REQUIRED to use licensed music from Epidemic Sound for the Warrior Cup Finals!

Music Requirement Instructions:

Instructions on how to select new music for use with martial arts finals performances in 2024. IF you reserved a song in 2023, you get the first option to select new music. Note that reserved music from 2023 must be renewed by 01/07/24 or those songs will be released for other people to reserve for 2024. 

If you want to choose new music for 2024, please go to Epidemic Sound and browse music to find what you want. The next step is to let us know the song you choose and reserve it. The cost is $25. We will allow others to start selecting music beginning December 30, 2023.

  • If the song is available right now, it will be set aside for you to use and we will notify you. 
  • If the song is already in use, we will put you on a waiting list so that you can grab it if it is not renewed by 01/07/24.
  • If you select the same song as someone else, we will give the song to the first person who has reserved it and then notify the other person and indicate another song needs to be selected or take your second or third choice if provided.

Follow these instructions: 


Follow this link and pay to renew (cost is $15) –


  1. Go to Epidemic Sound website and browse to find the song you want: or go to our curated list and see if something there catches your ear:
  2. Use this link to let us know who you are and the song you want as well as pay the reservation fee ($25) –
  3. Email us at [email protected] with your second and third choices just in case the first choice is not available.
  4. We will notify you by email when your song is securely reserved or let you know if you are on a waiting list or if we used a second or third choice provided.