COVID-19 & Recent Mandates

Cook County Department of Public Health issued new mandates to protect the health of the public in suburban Cook County.

On December 23, 2021, Cook County, Illinois issued new mandates requiring all patrons of food establishments must show proof of vaccination in order to dine-in. This page will explain how this will impact your experience at the AKA Warrior Cup and NASKA Banquet (don’t worry, it won’t impact you much at all!)

General Requirements:

As has been required in Illinois for the past year, participants at both the NASKA Banquet and AKA Warrior Cup will need to wear masks when not eating or drinking. You may remove your mask when eating or drinking and when actively competing but must replace it when done. Complimentary masks will be provided.

You do not need to show proof of vaccination in order to participate in the NASKA Banquet or AKA Warrior Cup.

What do the COVID requirements mean for the NASKA Banquet?

The NASKA Banquet will be held on January 20, 2022 as planned. The Renaissance Hotel has provided a solution to allow food and beverage to be provided without restrictions impacting your experience. In other words, you can attend the banquet even if you are not vaccinated.

What if I need PCR or Antigen testing in order to fly home after the event?

We have you covered. The AKA Warrior Cup has contracted with a company that will provide 24-hour PCR testing for free on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for all attendees that need this testing. If you need 15-20 minute Antigen testing, that will also be available over the weekend for $25-40 per test.

Can I eat at restaurants in the hotel and other places?

The Cook County restrictions just went into effect and require proof of vaccination to dine-in at restaurants. This does not stop you from picking up food for carry-out or delivery at restaurants. The Renaissance Hotel is modifying it’s restaurants so that you will be able to order and pick-up food and eat in seating areas throughout the hotel with family and friends – you just won’t be able to sit inside the restaurants themselves without proof of vaccination.

As for other establishments outside of the hotel, we have put together a list of restaurants that offer deliver services so you can order just about anything you want and sit in the hotel common areas to dine with friends and family.

What if I am vaccinated, what do I need?

Make sure to bring a copy of your vaccination card (a photo on your phone is fine) and a photo ID for adults and be prepared to show it at dining establishments if you want to dine-in.

I’m worried about everything, what if it all changes and I already paid for my first night of hotel and/or flight?

Don’t worry! The Renaissance Hotel has changed its cancellation policy and you can cancel with a full refund up to three days prior to check-in. Also, most airlines no longer require change fees so your full ticket cost will be credited for a future flight in the event of cancellation.